Cloud Server : Review of the Serverspace Services

Cloud Server is a prevalent choice of cloud hosting companies worldwide because it offers affordable and very secure services to its customers.

Serverspace extended cloud server hosting and managed and co-located cloud servers and connectivity and collaboration between customer.

But before giving a review on Serverspace, let’s first try to explore the consideration before buying Cloud Server which will in turn, provide us with a great review of the Serverspace.

Computing: A vital component of cloud infrastructure to make CPU and memory. A buyer must ask these questions:
• Are there physical servers?
• Is it Virtual Machines?
• Are they single-tenant or multi-tenant?
• What is the memory rate, type, and are there choices to choose from
• How many CPUs can be sanctified to a server?
• Whether it is Single-core or Multi-core?

Networking: Considered as the pillar of cloud infrastructure it implements the gateway for access to the infrastructure. Accept a provider which has the networking capabilities to achieve your goals. Consider before decision making:
• What bandwidth best accommodates your workload
• The nature of access needed and its purpose
• How is the synthesis of the on-premise network with the provider’s data centres?
• Possible Processing rate between storage and VMS

Storage: An significant variable to contemplate before making a choice:
• Shared storage standard ( CIFS, iSCSI, SAN, NASx AoE, FC, FCoE)
• Storage billing
• Scalability
• Models of storage classes
• Failover-concept (Failover batch, Active-Active, Active-passive)

Data recovery: As data is considered critical to any business’s operation, it is indispensable to pick a provider submitting the best data recovery functionality. Therefore, you must examine:
• Local fail-over tool (manual or automatic)?
• The providers mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), and whatever do other providers have to offer?
• What are the Terms and provisions revolving around penalties associated with business-critical workloads?
• Does the provider offer replication settings? And what is the cost?

Compliance and Security: Cloud computing makes it vulnerable to cyber threats, so it must consider service providers’ precautions. Therefore, the client needs to ask:
• What is the data centre classification model, and how are they customized to meet your needs?
• Is your provider certified?
• What is security clearance offered to the technical team managing your servers and VMs?
• Where are the datacenter locations, and what laws govern them?
• Do the service providers meet all regulatory laws or policies? (GDPR, PCCI, and HIPAA) If yes, is there proof?

Technical Support: Cloud is eternal, and the downtime may cost thousands of dollars. It is therefore essential to research about a support system.
• What kind of support arrangement is feasible? (Email, chat, phone)
• How long does it take to get a response?
• Is the assistance 24/7?
• What reporting tools does the provider proposition, and what is their authenticity? What is their comfort of use?

Pricing Structure: It is requisite to understand and research the fees charged, the strength to change subscriptions, refunds etc., to determine a pricing structure for your business.

Provider Reputation: As the saying goes “no one knows a company more reliable than the customer”. It is a great idea to go by reviews before reaching a decision.

Features of Serverspace

  • Flexible Cloud Servers: Most lasting, reliable and fault-tolerant cloud computing on-demand resolution. Deploy in 40 seconds.
  • Simplified Deployment: Produce up your VM in 40 sec. Without large setups and monotonous docs to read.
  • Pay&Go Billing: Service prices every 10 minutes. You pay only for the VM you practice.
  • Global Markets: Control your VM globally. We have under latency and high availability interface.
  • Better Hardware: Instantly scale-up support after deploying thanks to exceptional adaptability of CPU, RAM and drives.
  • Powerful Xeon Gold CPUs: VMs emphasize the most advanced 2nd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs with 3.1 GHz frequency and accouche a revolutionary fresh cloud computing level.
  • Blazing NVMe SSDs: Cloud servers have accelerated solid-state momentum drives with fantastic IOPS rate. Data is cached 3x and always ready with no lags.

The cloud servers from Serverspace give cost savings for its clients, and several of its clients are running servers from their premises. Serverspace, for example, renders dedicated servers from its hardware at a portion of the cost of buying the servers from third party vendors. Serverspace also offers a comprehensive range of cloud servers that allow users to choose the kind of hardware they require. Serverspace hardware provides the flexibility to purchase servers from several manufacturers, such as Dell, HP, and Apple, as each manufacturer offers its designations and pricing for cloud servers.

The Serverspace website contributes two separate cloud services: a web-based management portal and a hosted control panel, which allow server administrators to control their server in a centralised manner. Both the control panel and the management portal are hosted on the Serverspace servers, making them easy to access and use. Serverspace’s entertained control panel makes it easy for companies to control and command servers from a centralised location, as servers from other vendors may be unavailable or not available at all. Serverspace has a web-based control panel available for desktop computers, empowering users to manage and maintain their servers remotely. The cloud server also provide highly effective backup and maintenance alternatives. Backup programs are beneficial since server downtime can have serious consequences, such as losing money, customer database, or being blocked from contributing critical knowledge, such as financial matters.


The synthesis of cloud IT infrastructure provided by Serverspace into the business tool is a big step in your marketing transformation journey and may draw you closer to your goals. But, with many providers obtainable, picking the wrong provider may influence your business negatively. It is hence important to put severe thought before adopting a cloud infrastructure provider.