Bing’s chatbot has introduced a new feature that enables users to inquire using their voice on desktop devices.

Bing's chatbot

Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new feature for Bing Chat on desktop, following its decision to discontinue Cortana. Users can now utilize Bing’s voice mode on Edge for desktop devices, allowing them to ask questions verbally and receive responses in an audible format.

Similar to the functionality available on the mobile version of Edge, users can activate the microphone button within Bing’s chat box and proceed to ask their questions out loud. Currently, Microsoft’s chatbot supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin, with plans to include additional languages in the future.

Microsoft’s decision to implement voice mode in Bing Chat for desktop aligns with their intention to phase out Cortana on Windows later this year. While Cortana provides voice command capabilities for tasks like setting timers, creating reminders, and opening applications, Microsoft is redirecting users to Bing and its AI-powered Copilot feature, which will be integrated into Windows 11 as a more advanced replacement.

Once Windows Copilot becomes available to the public, it will reside directly in the taskbar and offer a range of functionalities. Users will be able to ask general questions, receive content summaries, adjust PC settings, and more, making it a comprehensive and versatile assistant.