Arab League calls UAE Mars probe ‘educational renaissance’

Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League, congratulated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on its achievement with the Mars probe, and called the feat “an educational renaissance”.

On Tuesday, the UAE’s Hope Probe successfully entered the Red Planet’s orbit, making the country’s space agency the fifth in the world to achieve the feat.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Aboul-Gheit described the move as “an important accomplishment that crowned the accumulation of educational and scientific knowledge sponsored by the government over years”.

“The unique space mission will put the Arabs on the world map of success in the scientific field and confirms their capabilities for joining the modern civilisation path,” the statement added.

Hope was the first of three space missions sent toward the Red Planet during the July 2020 Mars launch window.

The other two missions were launched by the national space agencies of China (Tianwen-1) and the US (Mars 2020 and its Perseverance rover).

On Tuesday, the Hope Probe became the first of the three to enter the planet’s orbit.