Apple Music has ceased offering its ‘Voice Plan’ priced at $5, which was exclusively accessible through Siri

Apple Music has ceased offering its 'Voice Plan' priced at $5

Apple recently held a special event to unveil new Macs; however, it quietly discontinued the “Apple Music Voice Plan,” a $5-per-month subscription that granted access to the entire Apple Music catalog. Users were required to exclusively access the service through Siri. The discontinuation was initially hinted at in the iOS 17.1 beta release, and the plan’s webpage has now been removed, redirecting users to the main Apple Music page.

The Voice Plan, introduced in 2021 as a budget-friendly option, limited users to requesting songs through Siri, with no option for manual selection or playlist creation. It also imposed constraints such as the inability to use Apple Music on non-Apple devices, access to only standard-quality songs without Lossless or Dolby Atmos, and the absence of real-time lyrics.

While Apple has not specified the reason for discontinuing the plan, it is likely that relying solely on Siri for music access proved frustrating for some users. The Voice Plan was available in a select group of countries, and current subscriptions are expected to be canceled before renewal. In contrast, standard Apple Music subscriptions in the US cost $10.99 per month, with a family option available for $16.99 and a student discount at $5.99 per month.