7 Benefits of Postpaid over Prepaid Mobile Connection

Benefits of Postpaid

The confusion of whether to take a prepaid connection or postpaid is something that we all go through. The tussle between users choosing between these two types of connections will always be there. Does this mean prepaid is better than postpaid or the vice-versa? Well, these are just two types of connections with two different types of payment methods. However, in this piece of writing, let us discuss the benefits of opting for postpaid connection:

  1. Talk for hours: As a postpaid user, you do not have to think about talking for long hours on your phone. There is no limited phone balance, and therefore you do not have to fear about running out of it. There are Airtel postpaid offers which will enable you to get unlimited local, STD ad roaming calls. Therefore, you are talking to your dear family or your clients from some other city; you do not need to worry at all.
  2. More data: Postpaid connections usually come with more data. If you are someone who needs a lot of data on everyday basis, a postpaid connection with data rollover would be the right choice for you. And if you opt for Rs 1599 postpaid plan, you will be able to enjoy unlimited data. Apart from this plan, there are many other plans that will give you best data limit with the option of rollover.
  3. No sudden change in tariff: if you are a prepaid user, you may face the sudden hike in the tariff plans. However, it does not happen the same in case of postpaid connections. The plans remain same for months to years. And if anything changes, the users are notified accordingly.
  4. Entertainment options: With a postpaid plan, you will receive several entertainment options. With the Airtel Rewards you will get free subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, ZEE5 Shows and Movies, Airtel Xstream App, etc.
  5. Family plans: There are some postpaid plans that will offer you family plans. For example, if you take the Rs 749 postpaid plan, you will get 2 free family add-ons, out of which one will be regular and the other will be data add-on.
  6. Monthly bill payment: The postpaid bill payment is one of the best things about this connection type. You can be well-prepared for the bill that comes every month. There will no surprises and you will have a fair idea of how much would need to pay.
  7. Better Airtel Thanks rewards: As a postpaid user, you will any day get better Airtel Thanks rewards. You will not only get free subscriptions for various entertainment options, but can also get access to Shaw Academy and handset protection.

If you are wondering about ‘how to check Airtel data balance, you can very easily check it through Airtel Thanks App. You can also make your postpaid bill payment through the app without any hassle. Postpaid and prepaid both have their benefits, but postpaid is especially better for those who are seeking more value out of their money with no hassles of recharge.