5 Ways Technology Has Improved Making March Madness

Ways Technology Has Improved

Technology has paved the way for tons of sports investments, especially in giving fans more access to the games. In the realm of basketball, advancements in sports betting have been bolstered by the increasing sophistication of statistics and shot charts, equipping fans with a wealth of insights into their favorite players’ tendencies and performances. In addition, the streaming of games through online platforms and virtual reality offers an exciting experience for the basketball community.

Youd also want to know that technology has also improved the March Madness experience. Technological tools like advanced stats have been helpful not just for the players and coaches but also for fans who are placing bets on their favorite teams. More and more people are diving into March Madness live betting, as well as other types of bets like parlays and future bets.

If youre a sports bettor or just someone who wants to experience the games in a whole new fashion, here are five ways that technology can give you a more exciting NCAA March Madness experience.

1. Stream Games Live and On-demand

The first and most important way for you to enjoy the March Madness games is to watch the contests. Heres a piece of good news: tons of streaming platforms are offering streaming services during March Madness. So whether its through the television or via an app on your smartphone or laptop, you can now enjoy NCAA games wherever you are.

Streaming apps like Hulu are now offering live streaming of March Madness games, and TV providers like TBS, TNT, TruTV, and CBS are always programmed with NCAA games. You can watch games for free, but if you want to tune in to every game of the tournament, most of these platforms require you to pay for a subscription plan.

2. Buy NCAA Tickets Online

Theres no better way to experience March Madness than watching the exciting contests in person. From the jeering crowd sections to the hustle and bustle of the players, watching the games live is definitely worth every bang for the buck.

If youre an enrolled student or alumnus of a participating NCAA team, its easier to get a ticket on campus. If youre a basketball fan who just wants to experience the game live, you can visit Ticketmaster or the official website of the NCAA to reserve your tickets.

3. Experience March Madness in Virtual Reality

What if you want to experience March Madness games in a realistic way, but you dont have the resources to watch them live? NCAA makes that possible by partnering up with tech apps that offer a virtuality experience to interested viewers.

You can visit the Oculus website if you want to watch March Madness games in virtual reality. The NCAA March Madness Live VR is a joint partnership by the NCAA, CBS, and Intel, making it possible for basketball fans to watch games through their VR gear and devices.

4. Online Bracket Predictors

Using an online bracket predictor is not a surefire way to create a perfect March Madness bracket, but it could serve as a guide for you. Tons of legitimate media outlets publish their predictions online, while other platforms have prediction software that they use.

5. Advanced Stats

Its always helpful to look at raw averages and stat sheets to get a glimpse of how good a basketball team or player is. However, the rise of advanced stats in basketball has offered more in-depth coverage of player performances, and its now accessible to fans all over the world.

You can dive into the offensive ratings and defensive ratings of each participating team during March Madness to know how these teams are performing. Moreover, you can also look at individual players advanced stats like Value Over Replacement Player (VORP) or Box Creation (BoxCr) to find out how each player is contributing to their respective teams.

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