5 Ways AI is improving life

Human hand and robot hand with empty space on blue background

There are few areas of modern life where Artificial Intelligence hasnt infiltrated, often without anyone even noticing. What once seemed futuristic is now commonplace and is offering benefits in all areas of life. From shopping to traveling, banking to baking, AI has got it covered.

At home

Not only is Alexa on hand to find a last-minute recipe or offer alternate ingredient suggestions, but now Google has been upping its game in the kitchen by asking its AI to come up with some delicious hybrid ideas one combining a cookie with cake and another a fusion of cookie and bread.

Outside of the kitchen, AI has many other applications within the home, such as the ability to voice control almost everything, improving energy efficiency through monitoring and data analysis, and even your TV suggesting things youd like to watch.

In the workplace

If you have ever been the person given the unenviable job of minute taking during a business meeting, you will know that concentrating on whats being said and interacting within the meeting is nearly impossible. Services such as transcription by Verbit cover that task using AI so you can get on with the important stuff.

Machines are taking over many repetitive tasks in the workplace freeing the humans up for creativity and connection; everything from data collection to filing complaints is moving over to automation.

On the road

When thinking about AI on our roads, driverless cars are what tends to spring to mind, and while there are no legally operating self-driving cars on the roads just yet, they will be arriving in the not-too-distant future.

In addition to this, many people are already using forms of AI in their vehicles, such as automatic windshield wipers and advanced emergency braking systems. AI is even employed in the car manufacturing process.


From helping you choose the perfect gift online to dealing with queries and complaints, both through websites and in call centers, AI-powered chatbots are reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Even visiting the hardware store has been simplified. Some stores are helping customers find their way around and purchase the items they need.

AI is even streamlining takeaway delivery to get your food to you in the quickest possible time.


Banks are employing cutting edge technology to keep accounts secure and avoid fraudulent transactions.

In fact, all areas of cybersecurity are being enhanced with the use of AI, such as malware detection and even spotting vulnerabilities in coding, which may leave a system open to attack.

Staying connected

AI technology is incorporated into every modern method of communication. From using face recognition technology to unlock your phone, algorithms giving you a personalized social media feed, spam filters on your email, and spellchecking your letters and documents these are all examples of artificial intelligence in use, right under your nose.

With AI integrating more and more into every aspect of life, it will become hard to distinguish which processes are machine or human-led. One thing is for sure, though, it will bring with it lots more innovation, improving the way everyone works, rests, and plays.