4 Tips for Preparing Your Tech for Severe Weather†

thunderstorm weather

Our tech is such an integral part of our lives that we often don’t think of them as vulnerable to the elements. But the truth is that your tech could be in trouble when severe strikes. 

While you can’t always accurately predict when damaging, severe weather will strike, you can learn what you should prioritize to prepare when it does come. As the expression goes: prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you do hear rumors of something approaching, you can rely on what you’ve already prepared and know what you need to do next.  Follow these tips, and if a terrible force of nature strikes, youíll be able to sit comfortably instead of trying to find your way through the dark.

1. Get Some Solar Panels 

Power outages are a common side effect of severe weather. A backup power is a common solution, but a station that runs off of a renewable source provides reliable, clean energy that will keep you connected to power.

 While portable solar panels opportunities include fun activities like camping or outdoor events, getting you through a power outage is also a top advantage. When you invest in them, youíll have a consistent source of energy no matter where you are. 

This makes it so that a disturbance in the weather wonít sabotage the plans you had for the day. You can still watch movies, play music, cook, or whatever else you want, and still have light. 

2. Bring Outdoor Gadgets and Tech Devices Inside

If you’ve outfitted your outdoor space with electronic devices like lights, speakers, and more, they may be reasonably weatherproof, but they’re probably not ready for severe weather. If you are worried about it being damaged in a storm, take it inside. If you’re unsure if it should stay outside, don’t risk it if you have the time to bring it in. 

Of course, if storms are approaching, the priority is you and your family. If you’re at all concerned about getting things in on time, your personal safety is more important than your tech. 

However, there are some ways you can prepare in advance for quick gadget collecting. For example, if you have lights, connect them so that they’re easy to remove quickly. 

3. Have Flashlights Just in Case 

We still recommend portable solar generators, but you can never be too careful. Walking around in the dark isnít just annoying ó it can be a health hazard. You can trip over something because you canít see it, and then you have no idea where you will fall. This can result in serious injury, and you may be unable to call for help. 

Prevent this tragedy by having flashlights handy. Make sure they always have full batteries. If you want extra lighting, you can store candles to put in key areas of your house.  

4. Get Your Devices Charged in Advance

When your power is out, your charging devices become ineffective. Be proactive about this by consistently charging your phone. We recommend you donít let them get below 50 percent. This way, even if the worst happens, youíll still have enough energy to contact emergency services until the outage is over. 

This is also a safety measure, as charging for too long in one setting can cause your phone to get hot. 

Preparation Provides Comfort 

While technology makes life easier for us, it can leave us helpless when it fails.  An inconvenience that is prepared for is going to be much less distressing. When we take precautions before, we save ourselves a lot of grief in the future.