Survival guide for women to cope with menopause at work, home and play

Menopause is a fact of every womans life. For 75 per cent of women, the symptoms they experience will have a detrimental effect on their ability to work, interact with colleagues and maintain relationships with those they love. It can have a corrosive effect on womens confidence, social ability and even their sense of self.

In this informative and easy-to-read “Your Second Phase: Reclaiming Work and Relationships During and After Menopause” (SAGE), author Kate Usher explores menopause from self, family, work, organizational and societal perspectives. The book offers insights into how women can manage menopause and revitalize their professional and personal relationships by preparing them for their second phase of womanhood.

The short and humorous chapters include research from anecdotal experiences of the author and other women. The book discusses the significance of legal, rights-based as well as relationship issues. It also highlights the need for initiating a conversation around menopause both at home and at the workplace.

“Menopause is a fact of female life,” says Usher. “All women will have one. Yet we have no control over how or when we experience it. It is a genetic lottery. It is estimated that by 2026 there will be 401 million women over the age of 45 in India. The average age of menopause is between 42 and 49. Following my own terrible menopause, I decided to write the book to provide women with the information they need, to ensure they don’t have a similar experience.”

“Women need information on what the menopause is and how to manage it. They want their careers and relationships to continue to flourish, to ensure they can step into the Second Phase of their womanhood empowered. This book enables women and those with whom they interact to do just that,” Usher explained.

Commenting on why organisations must formulate a menopause policy (under women’s welfare), she added: “Unfortunately, India is yet to introduce menopause policies for women. This puts Indian organisations at a distinct disadvantage. Multiple studies have found that those with an equal or higher rate of female employment, outperform those without.”

“Women are increasingly focusing on their careers and have ambitions of a seat in C-Suite or driving entrepreneurial success. Menopause can and does impact women and their ability to work at the level needed to succeed in today’s fast paced world. Business is at risk of losing some its most talented and able female staff due to a lack of awareness and investment. This is an oversight that can so easily be rectified,” Usher maintained.

Usher is a highly experienced Menopause and Relationships Coach, working with women on the successful creation, development and growth of personal and career relationships during this period of intense and unpredictable change. She combines her extensive experience as a corporate change leader and her own menopausal journey to deliver a uniquely positive approach. Prior to this, she was a Global Change Manager for FTSE 100 companies, managing major corporate transformation projects across multiple disciplines and continents, deploying her excellent relationship management, influencing and communication skills.