Stadia Pro free trial with no payment method goes live

Google is offering a trial to Stadia Pro Cloud game streaming service completely free of charge, not even requiring a payment method upfront.

One-month trials have been available since April of this year when the free tier launched, but have always required a payment method in advance so the trial can automatically continue when the free month ends.

According to a report in 9To5Google, a new Stadia account will see the screen below that allows users to start a Stadia Pro free trial with just a single click without providing any information related to payment.

However, this time the trials are only valid for 30 minutes and after using it for a given time one would need to enter some form of payment method to continue the regular one-month trial.

Earlier, Google announced that its game streaming platform Stadia is now available on iOS devices via the web app.

One can play Stadia games on an iPhone or iPad by creating a web app shortcut that uses the Safari browser.

To get started, one will need a Stadia account and an iPhone or iPad with iOS version 14.3 or greater with the least one game in the Stadia library.