Something metallic .. something shiny is coming out soon from Coolpad

Coolpad is a Chinese phone maker company that has created a huge stir in  the Indian market due to its excellent reliability and affordable pricing.

It’s been a while that something new and exciting has been launched in the mobile phone industry.

Very soon Coolpad is about to launch something that can’t surely be ignored.

Here’s a graphic that’s been frequently seen on Social Media and many favorite blogs. It only says “straight from the Earth’s core.”

This graphic has made me eager to see what’s in store and I really hope something good will come out.

My Expectations from the upcoming device

After seeing Note 5 and Mega from Coolpad, it’s evident that something better is about to come. Both these previous phones were just superb. From screen sizes to their extremely affordable prices, you cannot get anything close to them till now.

Here’s a review from NDTV India about Coolpad Note 5 and Economic times about Coolpad Mega.

Almost all user reviews across sites suggest that people that have purchased the phones are highly satisfied with their performance. Coolpad phones are completely worth it when it comes to their features.

You will also fall in love with Coolpad phones when you see them for the first time. I did, and hence I bought one. As I bought it online and I didn’t know how would it feel to have it in hand, but all my suspicions flew away as I started using it. And that’s the biggest reason I would want to see this company launch great phones in India.

So, with the upcoming launch, I wish to see a screen size of 5 inches plus with Octacore processor (or more), with dual led flash and cameras that are more than 10MP for front and 20 MP on the rear. At least the RAM can go up to 6 GB and more with 5k mAH battery. But it’s all my expectations… just wait and watch, I hope to get something better than expected.