Some glaciers are also advancing: Geology professor

Prof Dhruvsen Singh, of the geology department in the Lucknow University, has said that glaciers in the Himalayas are retreating but some are also advancing which proves that global warming is not the only reason behind the phenomenon.

Singh, who was part of India’s first and second expedition to the Arctic in 2007 and 2008, spoke on ‘Gangotri Glacier and Climate Change: Natural or Anthropogenic’ at an all-India online lecture series in Hindi being organised by the Union ministry of earth sciences to spread awareness about science.

“All glaciers of the Himalaya are retreating at different rates, but at the same time, some are also advancing, which indicates that global warming is not the only reason behind the glacier retreat. However, some extreme climatic events due to global warming have created panic. We need thorough research to find out anthropogenic/natural factors behind the glacier retreat,” he said.

“The Gangotri glacier’s pattern of retreat since 1935 shows that it is decreasing, but at the same time, the rate of retreat is continuously declining. Glaciers will melt/retreat whenever temperature is more than zero degree Celsius, but the decreasing rate of retreat is contrary to the panic created over the issue by many organisations,” he stated.