Snapchat and Linktree have joined forces to enable users to incorporate hyperlinks into their profiles

Snapchat and Linktree have joined forces to enable users to incorporate hyperlinks

Snapchat has announced a partnership with Linktree, a link-in-bio tool, allowing users to include links in their profiles. Previously, only brands and Snap Stars were permitted to add links, but now anyone with a public profile can utilize this feature. By editing their public profile settings, Snapchat users can input their Linktree or any other URL. This collaboration also offers increased visibility for Snapchat profiles on the Linktree platform. Moreover, Linktree will provide a social icon and a button saying “Add me on Snapchat” to creators’ Linktree pages, while also securing a place in Snapchat’s default share sheet.

As part of the integration, Linktree is granting three months of Linktree Pro, offering premium subscriptions with additional features such as collecting email and phone numbers, embedding tweets and YouTube videos, and NFT lock capabilities. Snapchat has been actively expanding its creator-focused initiatives, including revenue sharing for eligible creators based on followers and monthly Snap views. They have also introduced the Public Stories feature, enabling users to share their Stories with a wider audience.

Linktree has been bolstering its position as a leading link-in-bio tool by integrating more payment services and social media platforms for creators. In the past, they collaborated with TikTok on the Profile Kit and introduced a “Buy me a Gift” option for creators. Recently, Linktree acquired Bento, a link-in-bio company backed by Sequoia, although specific plans for the product have not been disclosed.