Singer Louro Santos dies after complications from covid-19.

Singer Louro Santos passed away as a result of complications of the covid-19, on Sunday (22), at the age of 49. He was also an instrumentalist and was part of the bands Aveloz and Forró da Malagueta, in addition to singing with his son Victor Santos.

The death, according to family members, occurred around 9:30 pm. Due to sanitary protocols, there will be no wake. The burial should take place on Monday(23).

Lourisval Oliveira dos Santos was born on June 3, 1971, and was born in Goiana, in the Zona da Mata of Pernambuco. He was the son-in-law of the composer Jota Michiels and leaves, in addition to his children, his wife Nathália Santos, with whom he was married for more than 20 years.

The father and son duo was successful with the song “Retrato“. In addition to “Portrait“, Louro also has famous compositions, such as “I found you” and “Turned my head“, a success in the voice of André Viana. Louro even wrote songs for national artists, like singer Joelma.

There is still no information about the funeral and burial. The confirmation of the death was given via social networks by Louro’s communicator and personal friend, Léo Lima.

Several artists showed regret after the news of Louro’s death, such as André Viana himself. “Sad news at that moment, the heart full of pain, the guy who gave me my greatest success, most played music in the Northeast. At that moment he is in heaven, God will be with open arms, friend, to receive you, because you were a good friend, good father, great artist, singer & composer, my sincere feelings to the whole family. Louro Santos, go with God “, he posted. Singer and songwriter Louro Santos dies in Recife at the age of 49.

According to relatives, he was admitted to a private hospital and died due to Covid-19. As a composer, he had songs recorded by artists such as Joelma and Calcinha Preta.

Louro Santos was a composer of romantic forrós and had been part of bands such as Aveloz, Arretados do Forró and Forró da Malagueta. His songs were performed by bands and artists such as Calcinha Preta, Joelma and Saia Rodada. Along with Victor Santos, one of his three children, he sang hits like the songs Retrato and Virou Minha Cabeça.

Through social media, singers and composers mourned Louro’s death. “In the moment of pain, I want to leave my deep and sincere feelings to the family and friends of this great artist, singer and composer“, wrote the singer Flávio José.

I had the opportunity to record his songs; he always had my admiration, a complete artist, who will be sorely missed. I’m sure you will be welcomed with a lot of party in heaven“, said singer Raí Soares, from the band Saia Rodada.