Signal back after 24-hour outage, users facing error messages

Encrypted messaging app Signal that has seen a surge in new users was up and running and a massive 24- hour long outage but some users were still experiencing error messages.

After experiencing technical difficulties last weekend where users were unable to send messages, the messaging kept trying its best to revive the chats.

“Signal is back! Like an underdog going through a training montage, we’ve learned a lot since yesterday and we did it together. Thanks to the millions of new Signal users around the world for your patience. Your capacity for understanding inspired us while we expanded capacity,” the company said in a tweet on Sunday.

Although some users may still see error messages in their chats.

Signal didn’t explain what caused the outage.

“As an unfortunate side effect of this outage, users might see errors in some of their chats,” the company admitted.

This does “not” affect chat’s security, but you may have missed a message from that contact.

“The next Signal app updates will fix this automatically”

Signal has offered two fixes if users want to clear the error messages manually.

On Android if you see “Bad encrypted message,” tap the menu in the top-right & tap “Reset secure session.”

On iOS tap, the “Reset Session” button below “Received message was out of sync.”

The errors do not affect chat security and will be automatically fixed in the next app update, Signal said.