Sick and Tired of Your Old Cable Service? Read This, and You Will Be Amused

Cable Service

Getting a reliable and affordable cable service in this fast-paced era of technology is not more than a miracle. Everyone is just focusing on upgrading the cable service with new technologies and features and neglecting the factor of reliability which is very important for the users. Due to these issues, most people get rid of their cable services with various methods like cord cutting. Some of those who canít get rid of the service because of their addictiveness to the cable TV start to use methods of free TV services which is also not a valid option. Today, I am going to express a fantastic cable service which is way more reliable and affordable than others.

Introduction to Charter Communications Services:

Charter Communications is a telecommunications company based in America and delivering its services of cable service for more than 25 years. Charter recently merges with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cables in between 2014-2017 under a new brand name for their services which is known as Spectrum. Spectrum Cable provides services of high-end cable TV programming, super-speed internet connection, and multi-featured voice communication service. Charter Communications is one of the largest companies in America with more than 90,000 employees working every day to provide better and high-quality services. Charter offers its services in more than 40 states of United States of America serving more than 25 million customers.

High Definition Cable TV Programming:

Cable TV is almost every household necessity due to various purposes like entertainment or awareness of the news and towns happenings. Everyone likes to watch cable TV according to their mood swings. Sometimes people wish to attend a comedy or action movie with their friends and family, and sometimes they want to have some time alone and watch their supernatural and fantasy drama series. Charter knows the importance of cable TV in our daily lives and offers exceptional services of Spectrum TV programming with free HD service so the user can experience sharp and in-depth details of their favorite action movies and dramas. A feature like DVR gives you access to your favorite shows and movies to record them and watch it later according to your schedule. Control over a massive database with thousands of On-Demand choices so the users can watch anything at any time according to their desire.

  • More than 200 channels of different categories like local, sports, live, news, and many premium channels
  • Free DVR service to record up to 78 hours of recording movies and shows
  • Multiple affordable packages for the users
  • Free modem, free Wi-Fi, free router, and free installation service

Remarkable High-speed Internet Connection:

People these days often access the internet on a daily basis for getting multiple types of information. Accessing the internet is becoming way easy when you have a reliable internet connection with decent enough speed to support your internet related activities. Spectrum Internet offers blazing-fast internet connections for its users to perform multiple tasks over the internet. It works on fiber-optic cables and has various intelligent speed distributors installed in it which provide equally fair enough speed to all the connected devices. Most of the ISPís provide limited data usage with their internet service which is not enough for the users. Charter internet no data caps facility for its users so they can enjoy unlimited access to the web without worrying about the usage limit. It provides you the speed which allows you to play high graphics online multiplayer games like COD, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and many more. You can also watch high-quality online videos of high resolution like 1080p and 4k videos without any buffering issue.

  • More than 20 times faster than average DSL connection
  • Free Security suite which ensures your systemís protection from various threats
  • Boost-up internet speed starts from 60-100Mbps and goes up to 940 Mbps

Crystal-clear Voice Phone Service:

Having a smartphone is not enough if you want to stay connected with their loved ones all the time. Every household should have a telephone or a landline service due to various facilities that canít be offered by smartphone. Spectrum Voice delivers unlimited local and long-distance calling for its users so they can stay in touch with their friends and family not only in the state but all over the world. Charter Voice service offers exceptional telephonic features for the users so they can utilize them according to their needs. It has a backup battery installed in it which helps the users in case of a power break down.

  • More than 28 favorite calling features including Caller ID on TV and Voicemail
  • Unlimited nationwide calling along with international calling like Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada
  • No contracts, no hidden fees, no added charges and 30-days money-back guarantees so the users can try risk-free phone service.