SHAREit – The 3rd Most Popular App of India in 2017

SHAREit, as we all know, is a cross platform utility tool that allows you to transfer file at a speed of 20M/s (which is the fastest, comparing to any other competitor) in the app market.

And now, SHAREit has become the 3rd most downloaded app in India as per the Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger take the first two positions. See the screenshot below from the Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017 report.

In utility app category, SHAREit is in the first position. This has been possible only because of the great features that this app has to offer. Also, SHAREit keeps updating its features on a regular basis to excite its users. The pace at which this App is growing will ensure that it takes the first position in the market very soon.

The recent feature that will increase its popularity is the SHARE ZONE, that enables the users to follow friends, check real-time updates in your share zone. The best part is that you do not need to be connected to the internet to access the Share Zone. The Share Zone helps you to communicate with your friends in the most effective manner.

The introduction of this new feature helps us understand that SHAREit being a utility app will have the capability of messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This will mean that the App will have the potential to move to the top of the ranking of the most downloaded App in India.

When I used SHAREit for the first time a few years back, I remember how easy it was to transfer files from an iPhone to an Android. Today it more updated and grown to capture the almost the entire market. The App has gone through a series of changes in terms of its design, core abilities, speed. The new intuitive interface is just awesome. The app is quite secure which means one need not worry about any information disclosure.

This post will be incomplete if I do not let you know about the best features of this app. Here are main features of the SHAREit that I like the most –

No network restriction No wifi or mobile data required while transferring files.

Fastest transfer The file transfer speed of SHAREit is incredible, and it goes up to 20m/s, which means no comprising of the file quality.

Cross-platform You can use SHAREit on your computer, tablet or phone and any operating system Android, iOS & Windows Phone, XP/7/8.

Transfer any file You can transfer any file type – photos, videos, music, apps.

Quick and Simple SHAREit is the most intuitive app I have come across. Its easy to understand, and you can quickly get the hang of it without reading any help file or documentation eve.

Connect your PC You not only transfer between your phones these days, but you also transfer files from your phone to PC or PC to phone, all of this can be done easily with SHAREit. I love the way I can play music on my computer, view photos on my phone with just a few clicks.

Phone replication If you are changing your phone or may be upgrading it you might fear to lose your SMS messages. With SHAREit you can transfer your SMS messages to a new phone with just one click.

Managing files You can also manage your files with SHAREit, it gives you control of moving, copying files from a location to another with ease of use.

So, if you havent downloaded this app till now, then its right time you use it and make your life easier for effectively transferring files.

Do tell us know your views on how SHAREit. Make sure you tell your friends and colleagues to download it right away and share files the easy way.