Serious accident: Transporter crashes into truck

An accident has occurred on the A8 near Ulm, Dornstadt where a transporter crashes into truck.

A transporter and a truck are involved in a severe accident on the A8 near Ulm / Dornstadt. It should have come to a larger field of rubble.

On the A8 near Ulm / Dornstadt, near the Kemmental car park, a severe accident occurred in Munich’s direction on Monday at noon. The police reported in a piece of initial information.

A transporter and a truck are therefore probably involved in the accident at Temmenhausen. The transporter is said to have driven into the truck that had loaded gas cylinders. There was a “larger field of rubble”. To what extent there were injuries is still unclear.

Rescue helicopter in action on the A8 after an accident
In addition to the fire brigade and rescue workers, a helicopter is currently in use. It’s in the middle of the autobahn. According to the police, other vehicles may also have been involved in the accident. Because first aiders parked their car on the opposite lane in Stuttgart’s direction and rushed to the commotion of the accident, there were also disabilities in the order of Stuttgart.

Currently, the A8 is still fully closed due to the rescue measures in Munich’s direction (as of 2 p.m.). A backwater has already formed. The traffic is diverted at the Merklingen junction. There the driveway towards Ulm is also closed. Accordingly, increased traffic volumes are to be expected on the bypass roads.

In the direction of Stuttgart, the route was closed until around 2 p.m. This block has since been lifted.