Samsung unveils mid-range Exynos 880 chip with integrated 5G modem

South Korean tech giant Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a new mobile chip, the Exynos 880 SoC, featuring an integrated 5G modem and AI capabilities.

The Exynos 880 includes a 5G cellular modem that enables lag-less streaming and rapid downloads. It facilitates the next-generation 5G experiences such as mixed reality (MR) and cloud-gaming.

It features an integrated 5G modem that supports up to 2.55Gbps download speed and up to 1.28Gbps upload speed over 5G sub-6GHz spectrum.
The company said that the download speed of 2.55Gbps can be lifted to 3.55Gpbs.

The Exynos 880 is capable of supporting advanced graphics APIs, and incorporating diverse technologies for powerful and efficient graphics processing.

While the enhanced CPU performance reduces loading time, the powerful GPU renders 3D graphics in-game with a high framerate to provide outstanding visuals, the company said in a statement.

The Exynos 880’s advanced image signal processor supports up to five individual sensors and is able to process three sensors concurrently, while enabling a single-camera max resolution of 64Mp and a dual-camera rating of 20Mp for each camera.

It incorporates a neural processing unit (NPU) and digital signal processor (DSP) for on-device AI that accelerates response times and improves security.

The chip is designed to support Bluetooth 5 that increases the range, speed, and broadcast messaging capacity for multi-device connection.