Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Sturdy device at affordable cost

The demands for tablets saw a sudden spike this year mostly due the pandemic related restrictions which made remote working, and more importantly, remote learning the norm for a great duration. The launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 in the midst of this crisis could help quench the thirst for affordable devices with big screens.

Samsung launched two versions of the device with 10.4-inch screen in late September — the LTE model at Rs 21,999 while the Wi-Fi model is at Rs 17,999.

A tablet at this price point from a brand like Samsung ensures immediate attraction from potential buyers in India, more so if they are first-time buyers.

But then, the device is also backed by powerful features especially those needed for long online classes or meetings and hours of gaming or streaming videos.

Here’s what we found while using the LTE model for some time.

One thing you can’t miss noticing in this tablet is the quad speakers. They give one a lot of power and confidence. And the fact that there is Dolby Atmos surround sound makes the audio experience — be it while listening to music, watching a Netflix or Amazon Prime show or playing your favourite game even better.

Parents will find the power of four speakers particularly useful if they use this device for online classes of their children.

The tablet sports a 5MP front camera which is quite good for your Zoom meetings or your children’s Google Classroom. Cameras are definitely not a primary focus in tablet devices, but the 8MP rear camera in Tab A7 clicks decent pictures.

The mammoth 7040mAh battery ensures that you can do your work for hours without worrying about frequent charging. The adaptive fast charging with a Type-C USB cable adds to the ease of operations.

More importantly, the device is backed by a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor which makes the experience of working on it quite smooth.

To the delight of parents, the device also gives them a lot of controls over how their kids use it. With Google’s Family Link app, they can add content restrictions and set other limits to help their kids balance their screen time.

For your own digital wellbeing, you can also use app timers so that you do not unnecessarily spend excess time on certain apps. Turning the “Focus Mode” on blocks all apps, except the ones you choose to allow.

However, the screen lacks the sharpness of the AMOLED display which one expects from most premium Samsung devices. Also, the screen has symmetrical, but thick-ish bezel which makes the display appear a bit smaller than it actually is.

It also does not have the S Pen support or DeX mode that come with most Samsung’s tablet devices in higher price range.

Conclusion: One should keep in mind that this is not a premium device. And yet it sports quite a lot of premium features, especially those that are very important to carry out the tasks for long hours in this remote working and online learning age which also bars people from venturing out frequently for entertainment.

So overall, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is very thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of users who are looking for a sturdy device at an affordable cost.