Russia ready to work with new US Prez: FM Lavrov

Russia is ready to work with the winner of the forthcoming US presidential election, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said here.

“We will work with any government that takes office in any country, including the US. But we will talk with Washington on all issues of interest solely on the basis of equality, mutual benefit, and the search for a balance of interests,” Xinhua news agency quoted Lavrov as saying in an interview to Sputnik on Friday.

“Talking to us with ultimatums is pointless and useless. If someone has not yet understood this, then these are worthless politicians,” he added.

He recalled that under former President Barack Obama, Russia was first accused of interference in the internal affairs of the United States, which was used as a pretext for imposing sanctions, including a “raider seizure of Russian property in the US, the expulsion of dozens of our diplomats with their families and much more”.

Lavrov said the issue of Russia’s alleged interference in the US’ internal affairs still occupies one of the dominant places in Washington’s policy.