Russia, China, Pakistan, US urge less violence in Afghanistan

Russia, China, the US and Pakistan signed a joint statement here on Thursday, calling on all parties to the conflict in Afghanistan to reduce the level of violence, and urging the Taliban not to pursue a spring offensive.

The statement on a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan was released by the Russian Foreign Ministry after a regular meeting of the four countries, or the extended “Troika,” with the participation of representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban, the Xinhua news agency reported.

Russia, China, the US and Pakistan in the 10-point statement asked all Afghans to ensure that terrorist groups and individuals do not use Afghan soil to threaten the security of any other country.

The four countries called on participants in the intra-Afghan negotiations to engage immediately in discussions on fundamental issues to resolve the conflict.

“At this pivotal moment, our four states call on the parties to negotiate and conclude a peace agreement that will bring an end to over four decades of war in Afghanistan,” the statement read.