Russia amends law on foreign agents

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law, broadening the range of individuals and organisations that can be labelled as foreign agents and allowing stricter monitoring.

According to the law signed on Wednesday, individuals and unregistered non-governmental organisations will be recognised as foreign agents if they are participating in political activities and financed from abroad, reports Xinhua news agency.

Those who gather information on the Russian military and military-technological activities, posing a threat to the state’s security, will also be given the status of foreign agents.

Mass media outlets should clearly designate foreign agents in their publications when mentioning or citing them.

The law also stipulates that foreign agents must report their activities and expenditures to the Russian Ministry of Justice once every three months.

The bill was approved by the lower house of Parliament, the State Duma, on December 23 and by the upper house, or the Federation Council on December 25.