Remote working has clicked in an unpredictable world: VMware CEO

For Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, work from home is like “sleeping at work” but for VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger, the pandemic has taught the tech world a great lesson on how to deal with unpredictable situations and a distributed workforce in this environment has actually worked well for the companies.

In an interview with ZDNet, Gelsinger who just announced a slew of new products and solutions at the virtual ‘VMworld 2020′ said that his company was ready for a rapid shift in its customers’ operations.

The VMware “flipped” to remote working over a weekend and “hasn’t looked back”.

“We said to all of our customers, partners, ‘you need to make these dramatic shifts urgently, you need to move forward quickly’, but we’ve also needed to combine that with empathy”.

“These are pretty uncertain times, we need to be engaging, supporting, finding ways to give value to our customers,” he was quoted as saying in the report on Wednesday.

To help organisations navigate one of the most significant disruptions of our times, the enterprise software major has introduced ‘Future Ready Workforce’ solutions to provide exceptional workforce experiences, end-to-end ‘Zero Trust’ security controls and simplified management.

The company and graphics giant Nvidia have also collaborated to make VMware’s software for managing data centres work seamlessly with Nvidia’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips.

One big CIO of a US firm told Gelsinger that “we planned the project in one week, we selected our vendors in the second week, and we executed in the third week, and we went from zero work from home to tens of thousands of people working from home over a three-week project”.

According to the VMware CEO, those would be the kinds of things that we’re just proud of.

“At the end of the day, we’re a business. We’re able to restore normalcy — and I talked to hundreds of CEOs and CIOs — almost everyone says efficiency is better now that we have a distributed workforce working from home in this environment and not worse”.

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