‘Recognition of US-Taliban deal key to move forward’

The Taliban has insisted that without recognizing the deal with the US as a main foundation of the peace process in Afghanistan, the continuation of current talks between both sides of the negotiations will have no meaning, the media reported.

“We want to say that the intra-Afghan negotiations should be based on the Doha agreement or part of the agreement which was signed between the Islamic emirate and the US,” Tolo News reported on Sunday night citing Abdul Salam Hanafi, a member of the Taliban negotiating team., as saying.

Also, Mullah Khairullah Kharikhaw, a member of the Taliban peace negotiating team, said that the militant group respects the rights of all citizens of Afghanistan, but the rights of the Shias will be discussed during the talks about the country’s Constitution.

“We entered the talks based on the agreement that was signed with the Americans… We are sitting with you (republic team) based on that agreement, otherwise, what is the need for the meeting?” queried Khairkhaw.

Almost two weeks have passed since negotiators from both sides of the Afghan peace negotiations began attempts to reach an agreement about the procedural rules intended to guide the formal talks.

The militant group has demanded the recognition of the US-Taliban agreement as the ‘mother deal’ underlying the Afghan peace negotiations.

Reports have said that the republic’s team has suggested alternatives to the Taliban’s demands.

“There is a huge difference in the views between the two sides, therefore gaps and delays are common during the talks,” Tolo News quoted Mohammad Rasoul Talib, a member of the republic’s negotiating team, as saying.

There is no confirmed information about when the two sides will resume talks on the procedural rules.