Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter Account Suspended | Here’s Why? Also, Check Other Celebrity Accounts Suspended!

Every now and then, social media platforms especially the ones like Twitter are openly used by celebrities to present their views, ideas as well as concerns over various issues surfacing around. In a similar incident that happened recently, Panga actress Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel got her Twitter account suspended. But the point is when we have the freedom to rightfully present our thoughts in front, what made the social media platform suspend the account of the actress’ sister.

Rangoli Chandel’s Twitter Account Got Suspended | Here’s Why?

Rangoli Chandel has been known to always speak her mind be it on social issues or the various Bollywood celebrities. A controversy which happened last week, Kangana’s sister got her account suspended from Twitter. The reasons known are that she, through her account was held responsible for circulating hate comments, on the media platform.

The whole thing is in context to the stone-pelting incident which happened a few days ago and highlighted in Rangoli’s tweet. Following this, Bollywood stars like Farah Khan Ali as well as Reema Kagti reported Rangoli’s account. Many other people followed the line and reported her account and her account got suspended, eventually.

However, sister and Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut came in support of her sister and asked everyone to ‘demolish’ Twitter.

Other Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Their Account Suspended

Apart from Rangoli Chandel, there are other Bollywood celebrities, too, who got their account suspended. Abhijit Bhattacharya got his account suspended owing to offensive posts. Also, the ‘Deshdrohi’ actor – Kamaal R Khan got his account suspended for revealing the climax of a movie on the platform. Though, he got his account functional later.

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