Punjab Election 2017 – BSP May Help Forming Government

There are various opinion polls or surveys conducted about the assembly election in Punjab 2017. Some surveys claim that AAP will win the 2017 Punjab assembly election while others claim congress’ big victory. But the chances are that there would be no party with adequate majority. It means that Punjab will have to see an alliance government again. When it comes to making alliance, we have already SAD/BJP alliance, but this time we need something else. Yes, BSP led by Mayawati could be the next big political party to form government with. Let’s find out what BSP may do when it grab a few assembly seats in Punjab election 2017. So, keep reading it.

BSP May Help Congress Forming Government in 2017

If BSP could manage to win a few seats i.e. about 10 to 15 in Punjab assembly election, it is likely to be a king maker. However, BSP may help any party to form government, but most likely it will choose congress. There are great chances of Mayawati’s BSP to win election in Punjab as there Dalit humiliation is considered a big issue. Like all other parts in the country, Punjab isn’t an exception when it comes to Dalit politics. The worse part of the game is that all parties try to lure Dalit voters to vote for them. But it will be interesting to see whether BSP could reap profits out of its typical vote bank or not. If Mayawati could manage to make Dalit and Muslim to vote for BSP, she is likely to decide who could be the CM of Punjab.



Since there is no enemy and friend in politics, it could be possible that BSP may try to form government by grabbing back support from SAD. However, there are least chances of such a political alliance, but still it can be anticipated that BSP may do this job. There is no doubt that everything is possible when it comes to politics. So, it will be interesting to see whether BSP could find out a reliable political party to form government after winning Punjab election 2017 or not.  

Election in UP May Affect Result

Believe it or not but Mayawati may repeat 2007 electoral poll. Yes, it is highly anticipated that the next government in Uttar Pradesh will be formed by BSP. The key reason behind this situation is that BJP has no CM face in the state and SP is still struggling with its family war. Now, you should come to the point whether UP election may affect results in Punjab or not. The answer lies in the durability of Uttar Pradesh government. If current government in UP decides to conduct election in 2017, Mayawati is likely to concentrate solely on winning election in UP. In this situation, she may not get proper time to promote her party in Punjab.

BSP and Aawaz-e-Punjab

It might be possible that BSP, Aawaz-e-Punjab and various other parties may try to form government in Punjab. It may be possible that BSP along with Siddhu’s party may support either Congress or AAP. Whatever could be the result of Punjab Election 2017, but BSP will certainly play a major role.