Protest in Beirut against US envoy over diplomatic spat

Protest in Beirut against US envoy over diplomatic spat

A number of of protesters took to the streets in Beirut against the US Ambassador in Lebanon for her remarks blaming the Hezbollah for the economic crisis in the country.

Last week, the envoy Dorothy Shea had announced that the Hezbollah stands behind the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Aambassador’s remarks prompted Lebanese judge Mohammad Mazeh to prevent the media from covering any speeches by Shea.

The US embassy has criticized the judge’s decision.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti will receive Shea on Monday and issue an official stance on the judge’s decision.

This recent diplomatic spat between Lebanon and the US deepened divisions among different political parties and raised concerns about respect of public freedom in the country.

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