PLO calls for UN protection from Israeli assaults

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has called on the UN to provide international protection from “the escalating Israeli assaults” in the occupied territories.

The call on Monday came following the publishing of a video clip on social media showing Israeli border police officers arresting two Palestinian young men near the West Bank city of Hebron and brutally abusing them, reports Xinhua news agency.

The video, which brought outrage on the social media, showed the Israeli border policemen throwing the two young men to the ground, kicking them all over their body and hitting them with sticks.

Ahmed al-Tamimi, member of the PLO Executive Committee and chairman of the human rights department, said in a press statement that the PLO calls on the UN Human Rights Council to investigate “the ongoing Israeli violations”.

He said that the PLO demands the international community “to implement the agreed laws and international agreements and hold Israel accountable for its crimes”.

Al-Tamimi also referred to the Israeli settlers’ violations in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, adding that “the Israeli soldiers and settlers are violating all human rights of the Palestinians on a daily basis”.

There has been no official Israeli comment on the video.

However, Israeli media reports said that five Israeli soldiers physically abused two Palestinians, beat them up and stole their money at an Israeli army roadblock near Hebron.