Pivo Pod : AI tripod Reached the Store Shelves

Pivo Pod has been presented with its artificial intelligence-enabled tripod platform to the Russian market. Pivo Pod rotates 360 , automatically tracks the position of the user and keeps him in the frame.

As noted by the manufacturer of the novelty, this year, the demand for high-quality video content is higher than ever. Not only bloggers need it, but also specialists who started working online. coaches, teachers, salespeople, coaches and many others.

Pivo Remote Control

The rotating tripod, which is an AI Device, is intended to replace the video grapher. It automatically rotates the smartphone to follow the user so that he remains in the field of view.

Pivo Flexible Mount

AI Device expands the capabilities of your mobile phone camera. It can be used as a webcam for dynamic presentations, video conferencing or online lessons. With the help of a proprietary application for smartphones on Android and iOS, the user will be able to create creative photo and video content – for example.

Still, several of his images into the frame at once, make time-lapses and arrange virtual 3D tours. The gadget also has a “smart” mode for activating shooting by the gesture, voice or pose, as well as multi-streaming on several platforms at once.

The AI Device has no weight limit for a smartphone, action camera or another recording device. If required, it can be mounted on an optional” UN threaded tripod.

The Pivo Pod comes in two versions

  • The basic version of Pivo Pod Red with support for three rotation speeds and the ability to rotate around its axis in 10 seconds;
  • A more advanced version of the Pivo Pod Silver – turns twice as fast and supports four speeds.

Pivo Smartphone Smart Mount

AI Device will be on sale in Russia from December 1. The suggested retail price for the Pivo Pod Red is RUB 9,990, and the MSRP for the Pivo Pod Silver is RUB 12,990. The device will be on sale in the networks “CSN”, “MVideo”, re: store, “Svyaznoy”, “Know How”.