‘Panchatantra Van’ to come up in UP Raj Bhawan

The Lucknow Raj Bhawan will now develop a ‘Panchatantra van’ (fabled forest — a garden of sort) where people, especially children, will learn lessons of Panchatantra (an ancient Indian collection of animal fables) with the help of self-explanatory murals.

The garden will be developed on 2.5 hectares land and will have a nature trail, fountain and models of animals that will be highlighted by lighting and music.

Ravi Kumar Singh, DFO, Avadh region, said that the work will begin from December 15 and the garden is expected to be ready by April at the Governor’s official residence.

He said the layout, drawings and features of the proposed garden has been thoroughly discussed with Raj Bhawan officials and care will be taken to ensure that no trees will be cut to develop this park.

Besides, three-dimensional animal models of tiger and lions, concave and convex lens will be installed to catch children’s attention. Slides and swings will also be put up for the children.

The Panchatantra translates into the ‘Five Treatises’ and is believed to be authored by scholar Vishnu Sharma roughly in the 3rd century BCE.

The Forest Department official said that the theme had been chosen “because it provides an ideal vantage point for understanding conflicts involving individuals, philosophies, organizations or consciousness. Stories in Panchatantra can be leveraged to provide useful clues to resolve all kinds of conflicts.”