Palestinian PM says dialogue between Fatah, Hamas in Turkey ‘encouraging’

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtaye announced that the dialogue between leaders of Hamas and Fatah in Turkey is “encouraging.”

Ishtaye on Wednesday said in a press statement that the meetings between the two movements focused on “agreeing on holding the Palestinian general elections,” adding that “the atmosphere gives rise to hope”, Xinhua news agency reported.

He went on saying that “there is hope for reaching the desired results by completing reconciliation and turning the page on division.”

Ishtaye said that his government is “ready to fulfill all the requirements for the success of these elections as a gateway to renewing democratic life and solidifying the wall of national unity.”

“The national unity will give the Palestinian people more immunity to the face of the serious risks that threaten the presence of the Palestinian cause,” said Ishtaye.

Leaders of the two rival movements, Fatah and Hamas, began two days ago bilateral meetings in Istanbul in Turkey.