Palestine to receive Covid-19 vaccines in 2 weeks

Palestine is set to receive the first shipment of Covid-19 vaccines within two weeks, a top official said here.

Addressing a news briefing on Saturday, government spokesman Kamal al-Shakhra said that the Palestinian Health Ministry has contacted with the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure the shipment of the vaccines, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Ministry also contacted with several international companies which produce the vaccines, and asked for speedy delivery, he added.

It also contacted the WHO to get the screening devices for testing the new strain of the novel coronavirus.

“The epidemic situation in Palestine is catastrophic and heading to the most difficult and dangerous,” al-Shakhra warned.

Since the pandemic broke out in the Palestinian territories in March, it has so far registered a total of 148,540 coronavirus cases, 1,406 deaths, and 123,121 recoveries.