Oppo Concept Phone : Shows Off Stretchable OLED Screen

Oppo Concept Phone has revealed stretchable OLED Screen which is moving surely into a new era of mobile technology with Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei. It consists of flexible OLEDs with folding phones. It probably will take a few more years for these concept foldable phones to become mainstream.

But we must try to understand the concept of stretching phones. Oppo has revealed a concept phone which has a “continuously variable OLED display.” It can change size in the hand of the user. It can move from a tablet size to phone-like form factors.

The device is called Oppo X 2021 but it is not a finished product. Oppo hasn’t even talked about its specifications, cost, durability, or even the release date. It’s more of a technology demonstration than a phone you may expect to buy in few years from now. The Oppo X 2021 has a 6.7-inch OLED display currently in “phone mode.” It has a quick swipe and can be expanded to 7.4 inches. Although it is not a big size difference yet very much noticeable.

The phone conformation does have a unique tall form factor. The tablet mode stretches to form a more of square aspect ratio. While the phone transforms, the operating system can also flip between phone and tablet app layouts.

You must have learnt from recent foldable phones. It has been a make or break case for Samsung. It was more “break” when it launched the original Galaxy Fold. A stretching phone is a different machine altogether. Samsung has revamped its hinge design, and newer foldables haven’t shown the same tendency.

The screen on the Oppo X 2021, of course, has no actual stretching mode. It is basically like a motorized scroll feeding the flexible OLED get into and get out of a hidden compartment which lies at the edges of the phone. The middle of the panel is laminated onto a “warp track.” It can expand in both directions which helps in improving stability.

The additional OLED slides out from the body of the phone as the two sections of track move apart and increases the viewable area. You can even see the mechanism in action in the video provided above. For a onlooker it looks science-fiction device in hand. Oppo has even applied for 122 patents for the Oppo X 2021. 12 patents are just for motorized scroll mechanism.

Although the name of the phone consists “2021,” Oppo has no immediate plans to launch the phone in the near present. They are still calling it just a concept device. The consumes are eagerly waiting and watching concept folding phones for years before the Z Fold debuted. Oppo says it will definitely bring the continuously variable OLED display for the consumers to have the benefits but only “when the time is right.”