Online Games: The Road So Far and the Upcoming Trends


Online games have come a long way and is among the fastest growing industry so far. There have been multiple reports promising the potential of growth in this segment with FICCI KPMG research stating INR 50.7 billion by year 2020. Yes, we are very close to this date and the interesting thing is that 40% of this growth comes from free online rummy games. The gaming segment has grown significantly, but that doesn’t make it free from challenges. So, what has been the road so far and what are the trends we can look forward to.

The major shift

Online games have been here for a while, however what we have seen in the recent past is the mobile penetration in digital games. The smartphones have not only revolutionized the way we communicate, but also the way we entertain. By the end of this year, the number of smartphone users in India is expected to cross 530 million users. Players consume more content on the phone as compared to any other medium. Of course, this has only been possible due to the availability of budget friendly smartphones and competitive data plans. So, today when a player thinks about a game, the first thing he does to check if it is available on the mobile as well. No one wants to be restricted to a laptop.

This is one major shift that is seen in online games today. Almost all games that are available on the laptop today are also seen on the mobile. These games can be played at any time and at any place. Players enjoy the quick diversion they get that is interwoven with challenge, thrill and excitement. Even though gaming has been around smartphones for a while, we have been used to see games like Candy Crush, Snake and Angry Birds on the handsets. But today the smartphones have got much more powerful and can handle just about any game, even the most complex ones.

Second Highest in Mobile Game Downloads

As per recent research, India ranks second in mobile game downloads. The industry is already worth over INR 60 million and is growing at a steady rate. So, by the time we hit 2020, we will have over 628 million players enjoying multi-games on their mobiles. What has lead to this popularity is the easy download options and uncomplicated gameplay. Players love the challenge, but the game has to be simple to understand. Decoding how to play, doesn’t work with the fast-paced life of today. Rummy game rules, video tutorials for playing tips and easy help guides makes the adoption to any game quite smooth. Whether a player is trying a game he has absolutely no idea about like Coin Master or something that is obvious like Ludo, there is simple instructions to get you started.

Seamless Payment Options

One of the prime concerns for any digital medium is the security. The website must be secure and so has to be the payment channels. The mobile wallet transactions have grown 40% in the last 5 years, clearly showing the customer’s preferred choice of doing business. The other most preferred way to transact are the credit cards. Both these methods require to have a strong and secure payment gateway. Consumers are looking for something that is fast and flows in seamlessly. Online games have built a strong platform offering players multiple payment options. This allows the players to transact and enjoy even cash games with confidence.

The lingering challenges in the way

Games are developing at a lightning speed with new and innovative technological advancements made every day. The game user interface as well as the gameplay must be constantly explored to keep at par with the competition. The players expect a customized gaming experience. So, moving at a speed in which the games operate is the biggest challenge that the online gaming companies need to capture.

The other challenge that the gaming industry faces at large is data security. Just like players expect a seamless payment gateway, they also want a safe and secure gaming platform. One of the challenges that still remain is the safety of the player’s personal information. Having a highly safe and secure platform is a mandate now, giving 100% protection from cyber-attacks.


Online games are among the fastest growing industries today. With just a handful of games to start with, today there are millions of games out there. From desktop it moved to laptops and now has the highest penetration in mobile phones. As we close on the small lingering challenges in our way, it will soon become evident that India is the next biggest marketing for digital games. All that is required is fast and uninterrupted internet and challenging gameplay, asking the players to come back for more.