Now tell Google Assistant, Siri to open Alexa app on smartphone

You can access Amazon Echo smart speakers with voice command at home. Now tell Google Assistant or Siri on your phone to open the Alexa app for you on the go, Amazon said on Friday.

With the new update, one just needs to ask Google Assistant on their Android phone or Siri on iPhone to open the Alexa app to begin with the hands-free experience.

To access, customers will need to update their Alexa app or download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Users can turn the feature on/off at any time in their mobile app settings, said the company.

Users can ask Alexa to control smart home products, make shopping lists, listen to music and more when the Alexa App is open on the screen.

Alexa can also help you stay fit. Just ask “Alexa, play Bollywood workout playlist”, “Alexa, help me do yoga”, “Alexa, open Daily Stretch” or “Alexa, start a five-minute plank”.