Not ‘banged-up’ in Maha police lockup, says grateful Google reviewer

Contrary to the usual scary image of police station lockups anywhere in the world, a pleasant five-star review of a Maharashtra Police lockup has surprised not only the police force but even lit up the social media.

The reviewer, who spent time in lockup, not only found the experience exhilarating, but felt it was memorable enough for a repeat sojourn.

However, it is not known whether the impressed jailbird requested to remain the charming lockup ambience forever – much like the innocent Charlie Chaplin in his 1936 classic “Modern Times.”

The reviewer was one Mansuri Avesh, who was arrested and dumped into the lockup at the Naya Nagar Police Station, in the Mira-Bhayander Vasai-Virar Police Commissionerate, spanning Thane-Palghar districts, adjacent to Mumbai, for an unspecified offence.

“They treated me very well, the cells are also great, a good amount of room and very clean. The food was pretty good,” he said after coming out.

Avesh added: “The officers are also kind. Overall, it was a very good experience and would definitely go there once again if I get the chance, too.”

The only ‘negative’ concern in the review was – “Handcuff was a bit tight but its good, it does the job.”

When asked for his reactions the Mira-Bhayander-Vasai-Virar (MBVV) Police Commissioner Sadanand Date told IANS that “the issue is five-months old, when the MBVV Police Commissionerate did not exist” but would respond after getting details from the local police station.

Nevertheless, four days ago, a senior IPS officer Santosh Singh, who came across the review, posted it for comments from his colleagues in the police department.

Others jumped into the debate, with one foodie offering to review the food, but “as a guest”, to which Singh retorted – “You will not get a feel then”, though one reader wondered whether (Avesh) was served burger or sandwiches for lunch!

Another gave a helpful suggestion: “Handcuffs issue needs to be resolved immediately. Officer-in-charge, please make it criminal-friendly,” and Singh’s banterous response was, “should have allowed (Avesh) to bring own handcuff as per own fit size”.

A couple of people enquired politely if there’s “free wi-fi facility available”, and one lady expressed her desire to pen a similar review, and the IPS officer made it clear to them that they would have to first make a trip inside a police station lock-up.

One person advised the police to get an ISO rating for the (Naya Nagar) Police Station for the good reviews it was netting, and another popped in saying Avesh probably found “the lock-up experience was even better than home”, while a third said that it sounded more like a “hotel review” and others clamoured it should be posted on the tourism website.

Topping off, one person from Uttar Pradesh said: “In UP, police stations are nicknamed ‘sasural’ of the criminals, so they deserve such dignified treatment at least,” and another said now he expects “someone might pen a review of a crematorium”.