Ning pushes the boat out to celebrate US Independence Day together!

To provide new users with an opportunity to create their own online communities, Ning decided to launch a 4th of July Program with the special conditions for using Ning platform.

Ning has undergone major restructuring – and is now regaining its original position of a game-changer in the social networking industry. After a long period of silence, Ning marks its return with a holiday party, and invites everyone to join in! By remaining loyal Americans, Ning believes that with the Independence Day coming up, the timing could not be more precise.

In the spirit of celebration, Ning is launching a 4th of July Special Offer, and gives all new users a discount for using Ning platform. As of now, newcomers can use this program`s special conditions to build their own equity in the most advantageous way.

Ning’s special deal provides people with an opportunity to receive a discount up to 25% for creating and managing their own social networks. New users across all locations can take advantage of this offer within the 3rd – 9th of July. This means that any person, within or outside the US, can register on the Ning platform and start their digital journey to the world of social, with the discount for 12 months, starting from the purchase date. Details here:

Ning executives believe that a 4th of July Special Offer is a good way to offer all new users an option to be on the low-priced rides, having full-priced fun. This limited promo demonstrates Ning’s desire to anticipate the seasonal expectations of the potential customers, and provide them with a rich toolset for bringing their creative ideas to reality. Ning makes no doubt that such large-handed offers will lay the foundation of a long and meaningful partnership with the users.

About Ning:

Ning is the world’s largest SaaS platform for creating social networking websites of all types. The company is a pioneer in the market (since 2005), with more than a decade-long history, and the impressive number of contented customers with 2+ million created communities. Ning operates on all platforms and devices, offering their owners the comprehensive control over a created network.