The Reason Why Death Toll Is Rising In New York?(COVID 19 Update)

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CoronaVirus has taken the world by toll. Every country is handling the situation in their own way to keep the people safe as well as the situation under control. Recently, the USA reported approximately 7,10,272 cases and out of these 37, 175 have lost their battle to COVID 19.

However, whats more concerning is that out of this number, 1,95,031 cases belong to New York and out of them, 10,000 people have lost their lives, till now.

Why is New York Reporting Huge Number Of Deaths? (COVID 19 Update)

New York emerges as one of the most important cities of the US. Being the financial capital of the country, New York is home to as many as 8.6 millions of inhabitants. This increases the density of the place which is coming up as a factor due to which the death toll is on a rise in this city.

Calculatively, 10,000 people per square kilometer is responsible for the density of the place. Everyday, people can be seen rushing and brushing up against each other so much so that the narrow sidewalks act as a majorly difficult task.

The view of NH9 in India During COVID 19

Does Tourism Play A Part?

Yes, tourism of NYC is another factor due to which it is exposed to a higher degree of risk. Getting travellers every year, the possibility of carrying the virus from one place and one person to the other is on a high note. As per the predictions, the virus had already begun spreading from Europe before the first official case came into picture.

Also, the Big Apple is prone to a massive level of economic inequality. This means that people already suffer because of many health problems as well as the inability to attain proper healthcare owing to economic inequality increases the risk of the infection spreading.