The Need of Security System Maintenance

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We often find very boring when the subject of security system maintenance comes in our mind and take either yawning or feeling depressed or sad and start hovering over some other topic which is more exciting. Most of the people neglect the significance of security system maintenance they can ignore at their jeopardy. As per Campus Safety’s 2016 Video Surveillance Survey, major people approximately half of you say that your organization’s security is undergoing medium to marked maintenance problems.

The matter of fact these statistics or data are quite thinkable as my intuition is saying me. Furthermore many people unlike you who are responsible for taking care of your electronic security system- the cost of maintenance is much higher than you realize. Regarding the hospitals, schools, universities I doubt that it is a case of “We don’t know what we don’t know” hence they did not advance in systems and method in which they can track through their surveillance system when their security system needs updates or repairing.

The problem with security systems

For example, we are considering video surveillance systems as a specimen. Most of the security camera which is installed in schools, hospitals, and colleges for recording purpose is not tracked by humans. Mostly the problem happens after the camera is set and installation was done, there is no one to take care of it until a year or two later when some incident happens, and the security or the law enforcement staff members come down to see the recheck the footage captured by the camera. Since, the security cam is not handled properly, when they come to check the recording, they might find out it is not working for some or the other reason. Might be, for example, a branch of a tree can block the camera and providing the purpose as useless for investigation.

An incident doesn’t have to occur if your maintenance and servicing would be taken care so that there are no challenges for incidents. Local TV news which is related can find out about your maintenance problems it is a challenge that whatever problem persists will be immediately featured on the 5 o’clock news. The same problem happened in the month of May with one of the school districts in Georgia, where the local crew members examined the district’s repair logs. They found out the general comeback time for camera repairs was 61 days. Four cameras were non-functional for more than one year.

There are few noted things to keep in mind like in the case of physical security apparatus only aftercare does not only involve substituting obsolete parts, setting the camera angles, cutting down branches of trees or installing new batteries. Software up gradation is an essential maintenance for video surveillance system in today’s world. Most of the old camera system installed in healthcare and educational location are no longer working as it is no more supported by the manufacturer that made them. When the software running on these systems is obsolete, then the security camera or the card access system or HVAC solution does not work, and it is more exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed through cyber crime.