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I came across UTS:INSEARCH when I was shortlisting a university to pursue higher education with an Engineering course. While I gathered some basic information about UTS: INSEARCH and its courses through my own research, the question that still persisted in my mind was – Why should I choose UTS: INSEARCH for Engineering?

The UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT Building
The UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT Building

Here are my reasons as to why I chose this University:

  • I can go straight into the second year of UTS Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) after successful completion of my Diploma in Engineering at UTS:INSEARCH
  • I could prepare myself better for my further studies and career through extensive exposure to extra-curricular groups, clubs and societies
  • I can study with a small group of students within which there is a highly supportive learning culture
  • I get access to its impressive Engineering and IT building with all state of the art labs and other facilities
  • Last, but not the least, I get to learn from and interact with top masters and experts in each subject, with the highly professional UTS faculty

We are all in the same boat

You might be wondering how one can choose a university on the basis of just some pointers. You would certainly have a lot more questions, and what better way to know about a university than to ask the students themselves, right?

Going away from home is a tough decision to make as were used to the convenience and comfort of home. Food, lifestyle, friends and many more things make life much easier in our home country. But then, in order to achieve great things in life, a lot of us decide to go abroad and pursue further studies.

This is definitely one of the most important decisions of life where we have to be really mindful and careful. Im glad that in such an important point in life, I was not only guided by these fellow international students, who were not only nice and helpful, but went out of their way to show me the way to the right path.

Nowadays, amidst so much of promotional activities for educational institutes, it was very reassuring for me to know that these UTS Insiders are real students who helped me before and during my journey to UTS:INSEARCH. Every student who is planning to study in Sydney should look into this program. The UTS Insiders will help in making the most important decision of his/her future.

Now, you can get your answers from UTS Insiders – 12 students from UTS or UTS:INSEARCH with whom you can share your questions. You can clear your doubts about topics beginning from the student life in Sydney, life in Sydney in general, course information and much more.

The UTS Insiders
The UTS Insiders

If you are interested in pursuing Engineering as a career path, and need someone to guide you, you can reach out to UTS INSIDER Sesh on Instagram @utsinsider_sesh, who is currently pursuing Engineering at UTS:INSEARCH.

There are 11 more students from different fields of study to help you out. If you are interested in any particular UTS course, you wont have any problems getting information about it from them.

Sesh, Engineering student at UTS
Sesh, Engineering student at UTS

As the saying goes that the foundation of a successful career is laid with a great education, it was proved right, with the choice I made by joining UTS:INSEARCH. When I reached the university, it was a completely different experience for me. But I was already prepared for an altogether different environment and culture of a new a continent.

This was only possible because I was fortunate enough to get in touch with the UTS Insiders to get exclusive and personal information on their student journey coming from India and also their experience at UTS:INSEARCH and UTS.

You can get deep insights on the exciting UTS journey of these student ambassadors and get ready to start your own!