National Girl Child Day: Dream fearlessly, says Nishtha Satyam

In India, January 24 is celebrated as the National Girl Child Day. On this occasion people are made aware of issues like safety, education, sex ratio, health of girls and programmes are also organised at various places.

On this occasion, Nishtha Satyam, who is working as Deputy Representative in India for UN Women, greeted everyone. Speaking to IANS, Satyam said: “Today’s day is very important for our life, literature and the economy. This day reminds us that a lot is remaining to be done for the women of the country.”

She said, “We are working in many ways for the education of girls. Our biggest campaign is ‘Second Chance’, it means giving a second opportunity. We work with the National Open Day School, in which Class 10th and 12th certificates are given to women. We also work on training with the Ministry of Development.”

On the violence happening with women and girls across the country, Nishtha said, “Violence with women is neither a city issue nor a village issue, it is an issue of every street and home.”

“We work on many aspects of women to prevent these violence. Whereas, we work closely with the Central, state governments and the police administration, which also has a timely effect.”

Actually, “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” was started in 2015 with the aim of empowering women. This campaign of the government is a very important step for girls.

Many important issues related to girls and women are raised under this campaign. On this issue, Nishtha said, “We did an evaluation with the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ and other campaigns of the government. We have very good results.”

“A change has also been noticed in the thinking of men under this campaign.”

Talking about, anti-conversion law or ‘Love Jihad’ Act in some states, Satyam said: “Any law or any thing that we or the government do in which women’s voice and respect of their choice is not included, is never in their interest.”

“We should listen to women, if we can’t recognise their voice… it will be wrong. In democracy, there is nothing like raising or suppressing voices,” she said.

On National Girl Child Day, programs are organised in many states across the country, while girls are also appointed as a sign officer in districts.

On this point, Nishtha said, “If women get a roll for one day, then they believe that I can do this and I can sit on this chair.”

“The examples we give in the country, by doing all these, can change someone’s life.”

On this occasion, Satyam gave a message to the women of the country and said, “Watch the dream fearlessly, because this is the beginning of change. Your dreams should be such that the person in front says that you are crazy? With your dreams, compel them to challenge you.”

“Watch dreams becoming stentorian and fearless… being both is important… that’s what I have learnt from my life,” she emphasised.

National Girl Child Day is celebrated on January 24 every year. The Ministry of Women and Child Development had started this in 2008 with the aim to aware people about discrimination against girls in the country.

Various programs being organised across the country on this occasion besides improving child sex ratio and providing safe and clean environment to the girls.