NASA claims – We will find Aliens very soon

NASA claim will surprise you as you get to know that Space scientists always talk about aliens all over the world. Many times videos and pictures are also shared on the internet and social media, and it is told that they are related to aliens.

But don’t be surprised to know that scientists from NASA, the world’s largest space agency, believe that they can find the aliens very soon. Behind this, NASA is also going to work on a plan for the next ten years. NASA scientists are about to work on the universe to detect signs of extraterrestrial life in the next ten years.

During this time, they will test the hidden moons, oceans, and stars on Jupiter and Saturn’s mysterious moons in the ancient Martian Rock. In this regard, in 2005, former NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said that she believes that there is life outside the earth too, and evidence of this will be found in the next one or two decades.

Speaking to a foreign media house, Chief Scientist Alan had said that we know what and where to look. For the time being, we also have the technology to know about most of the cases. Explain that NASA is working on a plan to find and track the life of aliens in the universe.

According to the news, according to Astrosyntist and Nobel laureate Didar Qilaus, according to him, the only man is not alive in the universe. There are many planets in the world, and due to this, life will be somewhere else.

NASA is planning to track the life of aliens in our solar system and space in this way. According to Business Insider’s report, AstroScientist and Nobel laureate Didar Qilaus said, “I cannot believe that we are the only people alive in the Universe.” There are many planets and many stars here and their chemistry is universal. Because of this, the chemistry of life will be somewhere. ”

Didier Queloz is Professor of Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory and Geneva University. He is at the origin of the exoplanet revolution in astrophysics. Until recently, the Solar System has provided us with the only basis for our knowledge of planets and life in the universe. In 1995 Prof Queloz has dramatically changed this view with the discovery he made with Michel Mayor of the first giant planet outside the solar system. This seminal discovery has spawned a real revolution in astronomy both in terms of new instrumentation and understanding of planet formation and evolution. Since then Prof Queloz  has been involved in a successful series of developments of precise spectrographs, considerable improving the precision of the Doppler technique.

Mars is the nearest place, where NASA can detect the existence of alien.

It is unlikely that there is any life still growing on Mars. However, scientists believe that there was life there a long time ago, when the atmosphere there was like the Earth, which kept its surface warm, so that it could handle the water in its liquid form.

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