Moderate slowdown in Italy’s new COVID-19 cases

Italy registered a moderate slowdown in the number of single-day coronavirus cases, as authorities warned the country’s top priority was to reopen schools in September in the best conditions.

On Monday, some 320 new cases were registered over the past 24 hours against 479 in the previous day, which took the overall caseload to 254,235, Xinhua news agency quoted the Health Ministry as saying.

The central Lazio region surrounding Rome (51) had the highest increase, along with northeast Veneto (46) and northwest Lombardy (43).

Active infections rose by 134 to total 14,867.

The large majority of them are people currently isolated at home, while 810 patients are hospitalized, and 58 in intensive care (up by 23 cases and 2 cases, respectively).

Four fatalities were also registered on a daily basis, bringing the country’s death toll to 35,400 since the pandemic broke out in the northern regions in late February, data showed.

As 182 more people recovered, the number of people cured grew to 203,968.

Considering active infections, recoveries, and fatalities, the total of assessed cases stood at 254,235.