Microsoft rolls out Chromium-based Edge browser to all Windows 10 users

Microsoft is rolling out its new Chromium-based Edge browser via an update to all Windows 10 users that would automatically be installed on Windows 10 version 1803 and higher.

The update would cover vast majority of Windows 10 versions that are currently supported. Installing Chromium Edge via the Windows Update will replace the old Edge browser. Since it is been gradually rolled out, it will reach people in the due course of time.

The Chromium-based Edge browser provides best-in-class compatibility with extensions and websites.

According to Microsoft, this new version also provides great support for the latest rendering capabilities, modern web applications, and powerful developer tools across all supported OS platforms.

When you install Microsoft Edge on an up-to-date Windows 10 device, it will replace the previous (legacy) version on your device. In some cases, you may be prompted to install additional updates.

“Your favourites, passwords, and basic settings will carry over to the new Microsoft Edge automatically. Web apps (including those built on EdgeHTML), and Microsoft Edge preview channels (such as Dev or Canary) will continue to work without interruption,” said the company.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge on iOS or Android, you don’t need to take any action as your device will update automatically.

The new Microsoft Edge will add a shortcut to the desktop. If the current version of Microsoft Edge already has a shortcut, it will be replaced.