Microsoft-owned GitHub moves to Ruby 2.7 for faster performance

Microsoft-owned open source code repository GitHub has announced it is upgrading to Ruby 2.7 programming language to allow faster performance for over 50 million developers on its platform.

Ruby 2.7 is a unique upgrade because the team has deprecated how keyword arguments behave.

“With this release, future versions of Ruby will no longer accept passing an options hash when a method expects keyword arguments,” the company said in a blog post.

“At GitHub, we’re committed to running deprecation-free on both Ruby and Rails to prevent falling behind on future upgrades”.

In order to run Ruby 2.7 deprecation-free, GitHub said it had to fix over 11,000 warnings.

“Regardless of how hard this upgrade was, we saw an impressive improvement in performance. The Ruby Core team is well on their way to fulfilling the promise of Ruby 3.0 being 3x faster,” the company said.

This faster boot time means faster deploys which means you get our features, bug fixes, and performance improvements faster as well.

“In addition to an improvement in boot time, we saw a decrease in object allocations that affects available memory so it’s important to lower these numbers whenever possible”, GitHub said.

Founded in 2008, GitHub became a platform following the introduction of its Developer Programme in 2014.

Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock and completed the acquisition in 2018.