Meta is broadening its verification initiative to encompass businesses

Meta is broadening its verification initiative to encompass businesses

Meta has revealed its plans to extend the Meta Verified program to include businesses, following its initial launch for creators in March. The company is in the early stages of testing this verification program on Facebook and Instagram, initially targeting businesses in specific regions. However, there are intentions to eventually introduce it for businesses on WhatsApp.

Businesses can subscribe to Meta Verified at a rate of $21.99 per month per Facebook page or Instagram account, or they can opt for a combined subscription at $34.99 per month for both platforms. Pricing details for WhatsApp verification have not been disclosed yet.

Similar to the verification process for creators, Meta Verified for Businesses will grant verified businesses a badge, increased visibility, and protection against impersonation. The badge offered to businesses is identical to the one given to creators, with no stated differences in impersonation protection for this tier.

Verified businesses on Meta will enjoy enhanced visibility through improved placement in search results and recommendations in users’ feeds. Paid business subscribers can expect their accounts to appear prominently in search results and within a new feed carousel labeled “Recommended Meta Verified Businesses.”

Meta also noted that businesses seeking verification will need to meet certain eligibility criteria, including verification through phone, email, or domain name, as well as maintaining a minimum level of activity on their pages or Instagram accounts. Specific requirements were not disclosed, with Meta indicating that more details will be provided during the rollout.

The company is also developing a verification program for businesses on WhatsApp. Although testing has yet to commence, Meta has outlined some features for this offering. The paid tier will grant businesses the ability to create a customized WhatsApp-based web page that is searchable. Additionally, verification will enable multi-device support for up to 10 devices for business accounts, facilitating better handling of customer inquiries and orders.

Meta Verified for Business will begin its rollout in select markets in the coming weeks, but there is no confirmed release date for WhatsApp verification for businesses.

Meta’s pricing for its verification subscription is more accessible compared to X (formerly Twitter), which charges $8 per month for individual subscribers. In contrast, X’s business verification starts at $1,000 per month for a base subscription, with an additional $50 per month for each affiliated account. This makes Meta Verified a more cost-effective choice for smaller organizations.

It’s worth noting that some individual subscribers to Meta Verified have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of access to the promised human support, as reported by The Information on Tuesday.