Lucknow’s Gulala Ghat to be developed as film location

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC), has decided to develop Gulala Ghat as a movie shooting destination to attract the film fraternity to the state capital.

A decision to this effect has been by the executive committee and a budget of Rs 10 lakh for the beautification work has also been approved.

The Gulala Ghat in the old city is better known as a cremation site. Former MP, late Lalji Tandon, had beautified the area, making access easier to the place.

The LMC will now develop a green belt around the banks of the Gomti river and will create a garden with a variety of flowers and plants.

Lucknow Mayor, Sanyukta Bhatia, said, “Gulala Ghat will be developed on the lines of the ghats in Varanasi. Walls around the area will be painted with images of the Hindu Gods. The first instalment for the project will be released in January.”

The initiative has been taken to support the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision of developing a mega film city in Noida to attract filmmakers to shoot in the state.

A number of films are being shot at different lotions in Lucknow, at present, and efforts are on to create more picturesque locations around the state capital.