Looking for a new phone? These are your top picks for upcoming gaming mobiles

upcoming gaming mobiles

Up until fairly recently, people who wanted to play games had to do so on either consoles or PCs, but thanks to major advances in technology, the number of people using mobile phones for playing games is rising rapidly.

Of course there have always been specific phones – the N-Gage for example – that were designed for gaming purposes, but these days mainstream phones can be used for gaming. This article will evaluate the best upcoming gaming phones, whether you like playing action, puzzle, casino or online bingo games.

OnePlus 3T

With a November 28th launch date; this phone should be hitting the shop at the end of this month. It has been hotly anticipated by gamers, not least because it promises the sort of super-powerful processor – in the form of the Snapdragon 821 2.35GHz model – that will ensure fast, glitch-free gaming performance. Another reason why it is sure to be an excellent phone for this purpose is the improved battery, which now gives you 3,400mAh – ensuring you can play longer, more involved games without fear of it dying on you.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

This phone, which will arrive in the UK during December, boasts some truly amazing gaming specs. Almost the entire front is taken up by the screen, which is 6.4 inches and offers stunning levels of image clarity. There will be few better upcoming phones for displaying the cool graphics of modern games better than this one, and it also gives you RAM of 6GB and that Snapdragon 821 processing chip.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Admittedly, details of this phone – including the UK release date – remain a little hazy at the moment, but it promises strong gaming specs. It is expected to offer a 5.5-inch display complete with AMOLED technology and Quad-HD/ This means that the it may not match the Xiaomi phone when it comes to size of screen, but the quality of the images will be second to none.4GB RAM is not bad, but optional internal storage of up to 128GB will let you keep lots of games on it.

upcoming gaming mobiles

iPhone 7S

Apple has both the 7 and 7S iPhone models in waiting, but it is the latter that gamers should be saving up for. This is set to feature the slimmest body of any iPhone to date – a key spec in gaming terms as this often involves clutching the phone for long periods – and will also give an improved level of gaming performance thanks to a processor upgrade. It is being fitted with the A11 processing chip created by Apple. It will also have iOS 11 operating system and reversible charger, making gaming on the go easier.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This phone is expected to land around the 27th of February next year, with advance reports indicating that it will have improved screen resolution levels of 4K, enhancing the visual appeal to gamers. It also seems sure to contain the most up-to-date version of Samsung’s own Exynos processor, making it more powerful in handling games than predecessors like the Note 7. Samsung has to make it up to gamers after that model demonstrated major batter flaws, so expect something special.

It’s hard to name a winner from such an impressive selection, but the screen on that Xiaomi model means it has to be the one.