Logitech G launches wireless gaming headset in India

Logitech G, a sub-brand of Switzerland-based tech firm Logitech, on Monday introduced a new wireless gaming headset in the country.

The Logitech ‘G733 LIGHTSPEED’ headset is available on Amazon.in for Rs 15,495 in black colour.

“As gaming becomes a bigger part of pop culture, personal expression and style have become a huge part of a gamers’ identity. With that in mind, we set out to design a collection of high-performance gaming gear in a fun way,” said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G.

The wireless gaming headset fits with the users’ style and helps in making gaming experience more effective, the company said.

The new G733 wireless headset features new colourful and reversible suspension headbands and comes equipped with soft dual-layer memory foam ear pads.

“Investing in one’s surrounding environment to reflect inner expressions lends to a more immersive gaming experience, and Logitech G’s new wireless headsets will amplify that,” the company added.